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Here are some comments from our customers.

"We are pleased with the TCL customer service, the auditor, and the way the audit results are communicated."

"The transition of our certification from your competitor to the first surveillance audit and most recently the recertification audit was completed with a high degree of quality with zero problems. The customer care, attention to details, and value proposition this relationship has experienced with TCL is appreciated."

"The auditor was very organized and detailed at completing our recertification audit."

"We were thrilled we were able to use TCL as our Registrar. TCL came to our rescue after a competing Registrar we had been using failed us and this was not the first time. The audit team from TCL truly seemed to care about our system and we were not just another audit."

"We will continue to use TCL for our audits."

"It is a pleasure to work with Qualitivity, Inc. and TCL. I am sure we will work together for many years to come."

"We are quite pleased with the audits we have received from TCL. The auditors were highly knowledgeable and experienced in conducting audits in healthcare. The auditors demonstrated a high degree of integrity and ethics for working in the healthcare environment. It is our desire to continue to maintain our relationship with TCL."

"I would highly recommend working with TCL and Qualitivity, Inc. I enjoyed working with them."

"It was a pleasure working with the Qualitivity, Inc. representative in getting our certification transferred to TCL. We will be having our first audit with TCL next month."

"Excellent Audit!"