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Manufacturing Industry Certification Services and Quality Statement

Welcome to the Qualitivity, Inc. services information page.

We are a premier provider of international certification and auditing services. Our goal is to provide the very best in certification and auditing services. Because our quality standards of certification services are high, our auditing staff are among the best in the business.

Our Quality Policy

Qualitivity, Inc.™ is committed to deliver quality services, on time, with accurately reported results and to continually improve our processes. We want our customers to be satisfied with the services we provide.

Reviewed and approved by our company President on 4-4-2016

Here is a general list of our services.

International Certification Services

Certification services are provided in affiliation with Transpacific Certification Services Limited to ensure international accreditation and recognition. 

Conformity assessments and internationally accredited certifications to management systems such as:

Quality Management System: ISO 9001;

Environmental Management System: ISO 14001;

Food Safety Management System: ISO 22000;

Information Security Management System: ISO 27001;

Occupational Health & Safety: OHSAS 18001;

Medical Devices: ISO 13485;

Energy Management System: ISO 50001;

Information Technology Service Management System: ISO 20000-1;

Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management System: ISO 39001;

Supply Chain Security Management System: ISO 28000;

Ship Recycling Management System: ISO 30000; and

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetics

FDA Requirements Surveys and Pre-Assessment

Qualitivity, Inc. also provides detailed assessments of conformity to:

FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as related to:

-Food (21 CFR 110)

-Medical Devices (21 CFR 820), and

-Pharmaceuticals (21 CFR 210 and 211)

Note:  Qualitivity, Inc. is not a consulting company and only provides conformity assessment services to specific standards. 

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Manufacturing and Other Industry Sector Experience

Our auditors have experience in most industries including all types of manufacturing.  A few of the more common industries are highlighted below. 

Industry specific experience includes: Aerospace, Automotive, Avionics, Insurance, Water Supply; Electrical Supply; Public Administration; Road Maintenance; Off-Road Vehicles, EMS, Aircraft, Glass Fabrication, Mining, Metals Refining, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Laboratory, Electromechanical, Mechanical, Plastics, Materials Processing, Computer, Information Systems, Information Technology, Education Services, Transportation, Glass Processing, Real Estate and Business Sales, Pharmaceuticals, Restaurant and Food Processing,  Printing, Accounting, Adhesives, Foundry, Film Production, Publishing, Metals Finishing, Business Services, Import/Export, Distribution, Building Products, among others. 

Qualitivity, Inc. has competed and been awarded Federal government contracts for ISO 9001 certification for various agency contracts.

Qualitivity, Inc. has customers that are some of the largest businesses in the country who class themselves among the largest of the fortune 500.

Qualitivity, Inc. also has companies that are the smallest of businesses in the country who in turn support some of the larger entities as suppliers.

Whether our clients are large or small or a governmental agency, Qualitivity, Inc. and TCL seek to provide high quality services that meet the needs of our customer and each industry they serve.

Please visit our customer testimonial page to see some of our customer comments about our services.