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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our conformity assessment and certification services and provide the answers here.


How do I apply for certification?

You must complete a questionnaire/application form that will provide Qualitivity, Inc. with the information needed to prepare a formal quotation and service agreement for your company. The application will be provided to you in hard copy or electronically for completion.


What is the certification process? 

A basic process flow is provided below to help guide you through the certification process and 3 year cycle.

Qualitivity, Inc (Affiliate of Transpacific Certifications Limited) Certification Cycle



Will the cost be too much for my company?

The cost model is based on the number of employees at your company and the complexity of the processes. In most cases the costs are less for smaller organizations making the process affordable. In addition, having the certification can often gain the business more opportunities as well as provide for internal cost savings from process improvements.


What if my implementation is delayed?

We understand that system implementations can be delayed and will work with you to set a better date to accommodate the situation.


How do I get my certification?

The certification process is designed with an optional pre-assessment and a mandatory Stage 1 audit. This helps organizations to better understand what (if anything) is missing or deficient in the management system before the actual Stage 2 certification audit is completed. After the Stage 2 certification audit is completed and any identified nonconformities have had appropriate action taken to address them a recommendation for certification can be made by the Lead Auditor. The recommendation is reviewed by the registrar's technical group and once approved a certificate can be issued.


How long will the certification process take?

This will vary from company to company depending on the size of the organization and the urgency to get the certification completed. Your organization needs to ensure it has a fully implemented system in place before the certification attempt is made.  This is really in the control of the organization to say when they are prepared to begin the certification process. Once the certification process begins it can be completed in a matter of 2 to 3 months for smaller organizations with a single site. Larger organizations with more employees, and more sites will take longer to completed.


Qualitivity, Inc. is not a consulting firm.

Qualitivity, Inc. is not a consulting firm and only provides conformity assessment services to specific standards. We cannot recommend specific consulting organizations.


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